Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Final Warning

the final warning maximum ride series free fiction ebooks Book 4 of the Maximum Ride Series

The flock attend Ari's funeral, just after a new breed of Flyboys attacks the cabin they were thought to be living in. The flock are led by Dr. Martinez, who is Max's mother, and Jeb to Washington where they are offered a comfortable life and an education in return for service to the government. When an unexpected bomb goes off in their "safe house", Fang is very protective of Max. That night Dr. Martinez questions Fang and Max's relationship, but Max denies that anything is happening. Later, Fang comes in Max's room and they go out for "a fly". They land on the shore near the ocean, and Fang and Max suddenly kiss, Max flies away, confused with Fang's sudden liking to her.

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