Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Sky is Falling

the sky is falling free fiction ebook The main character to this book is Dana Evans, an anchorwoman for the press, who was also featured, though not as a main character, in another of Sidney Sheldon's book, The Best Laid Plans.
The story starts off with a prologue, a mysterious auction that involves a huge amount of money. Dana Evans had just came back from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is rushing to a meeting with the last member of the Winthrop family, Gary Winthrop. The story starts to get complicated when, a few hours after the interview with Dana, Gary Winthrop was shot and killed by some thieves who were, supposedly, stealing some paintings - the rest of the Winthrop family were killed in a series of suspicious "accidents" a few months beforehand. Although most viewed this tragic row of events as accidents, Dana was the exception. Taylor and Madeline Winthrop, Gary's parents, perished in a fire that burnt down their house, Paul Winthrop died when his car drove off a cliff, and Julie Winthrop died in a skiing accident. Dana couldn't believe that accidents had wiped out one of the most prominent families in the world. She began to investigate, delving deeper and deeper into the family's secrets.

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